Gudzekop has officially been founded in 2018 and we brew craft beer professionally since that year onwards. It started as a hobby and rapidly we brewed our blond beer in 60 hl volume followed by an American Pale Ale. Meanwhile we have 11 craft beers in our portfolio where our customers and fans can choose from. As Gudzekop we want to be authentic and distinctive, giving high priority to taste and quality

We really enjoy using local products in our beers. For example, we have a triple with Frisian sugar bread, an IPA with Frisian rye bread, a quadrupel with Frisian spice cake. These products give the beers an extra layer and distinguish them from regular craft beers.

The recipes are developed by us in our small Frisian village Goingarijp on a small scale and then scaled up to a ten hectolitre installation. We are always passionate about new recipes and we are proud when others appreciate our beers.

We are also looking for cooperation with other local entrepreneurs: the butcher for the beautiful dry sausages with beer and the cheese factory for delicious cheeses with beer.

Gudzekop is the name of a waterway between Goingarijp and the Frisian city Sneek (in the south of the province Friesland). The red beacon can be seen from far and guides ships in the right direction. This beacon is visible on all our crown caps and part of our logo. The waterline is also part of our logo.

All our beer names have a nautical theme with a fun double meaning. E.g. Our Blonde Ale, the OPSTEKER. The Opsteker of sailing flat bottoms is the extension of the bow (bow sprit) and in Dutch it also means ‘an encouraging windfall’ .

Next to our beers we are of course very proud of our labels and find them all beautiful and little pieces of art. We are therefor very happy with our designer Karen Visser. All labels have a nautical image and every time we receive a new label from our designer, we unwrap it like a small present.

Finally we want to mention our special coasters in the shape of the sword of our traditional Frisian flat bottom sailing boat called skûtsje in Frisian. This skûtsje originates from 1916 and has an official registered status. We use it as our floating tasting room. While sailing over the beautiful Frisian lakes, the brewer, who is also skipper, talks passionately about the beers.

We can proudly say that with Gudzekop we have developed a total concept with a great story.